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Seega! A Game from Ancient Egypt. The Strategic game from the New Kingdom.

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Seega, or Sija (سيجة), as it is pronounced in Arabic, is an ancient Egyptian game whose origins are unclear. There are carved Seega boards on a few different Egyptian temples, dating all the way back to the 1300s BCE, but it is not clear if the boards have been carved at the time of the temple’s construction or later in history. Seega has been continuously played in Egypt since the ancient times until today and its rules are known.

The game comes with everything you need to play. You get the board as shown, playing pawns with storage bag and the instructions for play. This amazing abstract game is strategic, easy to learn and fun to play!

Board measures 11x11 inches and is hand finished, complete with beautiful black lacquered finish with gold hieroglyphics. Made of Beautiful birch.