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Ban Sugoroku ~ Ancient Japanese Game and the Ancestor to Backgammon.

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The Ancient Japanese Game of Ban Sugoroku. The Ancestor to modern Backgammon.

Ban Sugoroku first becomes documented in Japan around the 6th C. AD and remained popular into the Edo Period, when it found favor as a gambling game. The game was outlawed in Feudal Japan and even owning a board could result in your death. The game is believed to be the direct ancestor of modern Backgammon and indeed the board as it sits could be used in conjunction with modern Backgammon rules if one wished. The game comes as shown. Made of beautiful ivory tone Birch, with delicate details throughout that bring to mind the extraordinary art and culture of ancient Japan.

The board lifts from it's box to reveal a large compartment underneath for storing all of the accessories. The box itself has a beautiful lid that sets nicely onto the box when the board is not in use and would make a beautiful tea set stand or decoration. The box sits in a cradle atop a four legged stand. Lift the box and you reveal the game instructions and rules for the original Ban Sugoroku game. The exact details of play vary depending on the Province. The rules for this game are simple and direct but allow for quite a bit of strategy in order to be victorious.

The game on the stand measures 16.25" long, 11.25" wide and 8" high.

What is included -
- Game Box w/ lid and inset playing board.
- Game Box stand w/ game instructions engraved.
- 30 Playing Checks, (15 light wood, 15 dark wood).
- Two Bamboo Dice Cups w/ 2 Dice in each cup.
Cloth linen bags for check and dice cup/dice storage.

This is a stunningly beautiful game that would make an incredible centerpiece to your collection or game room. If you are a fan of Backgammon how can you not own this amazing example of the original ancestor? This was meant for you to have!

There will only be a very limited number of these made by the artist so do not hesitate to grab it while you can.