~ Welcome to Hammer & Nail Woodworks ~

I bring ancient Games back to life!

I create each and every item I offer myself and build and finish them by hand. I take great pride in my work and try my very best to ensure that my customers receive a wonderful, heirloom quality product. From the simple and affordable games for everyone to the museum quality centerpieces, I offer a wide selection of games for you to choose from. Each and every one brought back from the ancient past, just for you.

  • Museum Quality Centerpiece Games

    These games are fine fit and finished with exotic hardwoods, intricate details and engravings. Truly the heirloom games you have been waiting for.

  • Beautiful, Historic, Classic

    The classic games of the past, recreated in all of their intricate detail. Each one has stood the test of time and now await the next player... is it you?

  • Simple, Elegant & Affordable

    Whether for yourself or a gift for your loved ones, these beautiful yet affordable games are the perfect addition to anyone's home.

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