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DALDOS! The Viking Game of Ship Board BATTLE! Scandinavian Design, an Ancient Game from the Dawn of the Vikings.

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This beautiful game is known as Daldos, it's origin comes from old world Scandinavia. This game likely originated around 1750-1800, although its exact date remain a mystery. The play is simple but still quite strategic, with one player attempting to take the vessel from the other by means of combat. The board is designed to give the look and feel of a classic Viking Sailing Vessel. The board comes as shown, with 24 pawns (12 Black, 12 Red), two dice and instructions for play.

The boards deck is made of solid White Oak, with beautiful Norse designs throughout and has a wonderful lacquered finish. The prow and stern are made of beautiful Birch. The playing pawns are made of Cherry Wood. Baltic Birch makes up the sides of the vessel. You also get a nice painted sail for display purposes for when the board is not being used for a game. This would be a wonderful edition to your game collection and look great on display on your mantle, living room or den! The game measures 20" long and 4" wide.