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Fidchell ~ An Ancient Celtic Game of Strategy.

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Although mentioned throughout old Celtic literature, the games actual origins are, so far, unknown. The game itself is extremely strategic, making it both fun and challenging!

The object for both sides is to create a continuous (not necessarily straight) line of their own stones linking the center of the board to the outer circle. The first to succeed is the winner!

Once the main pawn placement is done, as shown in the photos, then the players take turns placing the remaining pawns on the board. Once that is done, the game begins! A complete set of detailed rules are included with this beautiful game, as well as 54 hand made glass marbles (27 for each player) and a King Marble for the center of the board. Pawns come in very nice cotton drawstring bags for safe storage. 

The board itself measures 12' x 12' inches. Hand painted and finished.