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HNEFATAFL! Viking Chess. Deluxe Kings Edition ~ Signed & Numbered.

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HNEFATAFL ~ Viking Chess ~ Deluxe Limited Edition! Signed & Numbered!

This amazing example of an ancient Norse board game is exactly the one you have been looking for. This games origin goes back many centuries, to the time of the Vikings. This particular edition is fit for the Norse King himself! The pictures speak for themselves. The workmanship is beautiful; the design, unique. This is exactly the centerpiece you have been waiting for!

The board measures 17" square and comes as shown. The board features include incredible hardwoods such as padauk, maple, birch and ash. The base has a drawer that allows for storage of the pawns when not being used.

Please note, these are made as they are ordered and are hand built by the artist that designed it so the delivery time may vary, depending on the order schedule. The king pawn design may change slightly from what is shown due to material supply issues.

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