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JETAN ~ Barsoomian Martian Chess. From the Mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Own a game from ANOTHER WORLD!

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Jetan, also known as Martian Chess, is a chess variant first published in 1922. It was created by Edgar Rice Burroughs as a game played on Barsoom, his fictional version of Mars. The game was introduced in The Chessmen of Mars, the fifth book in the Barsoom series. Its rules are described in Chapter 2 and in the Appendix of the book, with an actual game partly described in Chapter 17.

This version of Jetan is an incredible work of craftsmanship and design. The board itself features a variety of exotic hardwoods, including Padauk and Black Walnut. The edges of the board are black and the frame for the board features a beautiful bronze/metallic finish with copper colored highlights. Designed to give the look and feel of an "alien" board, the colors are reminiscent of the Red Planet itself, with blends of reds, rusts and copper colors throughout.

The playing pawns were all originally design for this board, each one having features consistent with their individual names. Each player has the following playing pieces: one Chief, one Princess, two Fliers; two Dwars (Captains); two Padwars (Lieutenants); two Warriors; two Thoats (Mounted Warriors); and eight Panthans (Mercenaries). The pawns are made of beautiful translucent acrylic with solid wood bases in both Padauk and Black Walnut.

This amazing set comes as shown, with board and pawns. The board itself measures just shy of 16" square. This is the science fiction centerpiece you have been waiting for. I will only be making a limited number of these boards so do not wait. There is an extended wait time on this piece of 6-8 weeks. This might be your only chance to own this game without flying all the way to Mars to get one.