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John Carter Presentation JETAN - Martian Chess, from the Princess of Mars Book Series by Edgar Rice Burroughs. LIMITED EDITION.

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This is Barsoomian (Martian) Chess, a game that was featured in the Martian Book Series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, written around 1917.
For those that don't know, Jetan is the chess-like game played on Barsoom and is first mentioned in the ERB book, "The Chessmen of Mars".

For this game I decided to create a fiction backstory in keeping with the classic Burroughs books.

This is a Diplomacy Jetan Board, a presentation board that could have been given to John Carter as a gift for his bravery in helping the Barsoomian people. In the center of the board is a symbolic plaque showing both Barsoom (Mars) and Jasoom (Earth) with the name "Jetan" in between. Around the circumference of the board there is an inscription written in Barsoomian script that says...
"May peace and understanding be between our peoples until our common mother shines her warmth and light on us no more. Be fair and truthful."

The board is made of many different materials, including a beautiful glass like material of unknown origin. The playing surface is made from extremely rare Barsoomian woods. Once Barsoom was rich and green, just like Jasoom is today, but the slow death of Barsoom had laid waste to the forests of the planet, making anything made of such beautiful wood a rare and valuable treasure.

(Now back to reality) The board uses a mix of acrylics and exotic woods such as Padauk and Black Walnut. It features acrylic pawns, the Chief and Princess of which carry hand made glass marble tops. The board measures about 21 inches across at it's widest. This is an absolutely stunning centerpiece and would be the perfect gift for anyone truly serious about science fiction, Chess or boardgames. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask. Each of these are custom made by me alone and are made to order. Please allow ample time for construction and delivery. These are not easy to make and I work alone in a small artist studio. You are truly buying a labor of love.