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The Ancient Game of UR - A beautiful, Royal Game from Ancient Mesopotamia. Travel Edition.

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From the ancient world comes an amazing game of skill and cunning. This game, known today as the Royal Game of UR, is considered one of the very first board games ever created, dating to around 4,000 years ago. Discovered in the ancient lands of Sumer (Sumeria), this game rules were unknown, until an equally ancient tablet was discovered, it's surface filled with cuniform (the ancient written language of the region). On this tablet was the rule set for this game. Never before did we discover original playing instructions for such an ancient game! This means that the game you play today is just as it was played over four millennia ago by the ancient people of the Mesopotamian regions.

Made of fine Birch wood, this beautiful game is styled in the designs of the original artifact. Comes with instructions for playing, pawns and casting sticks. Game measures 10" long, 4" wide.