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The Pharoahs Game of MEHEN ~ Museum Quality Craftsmanship ~ Custom made stunning Board Game from Ancient Egypt. LIMITED EDITION

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This is the ancient Egyptian Game of MEHEN. The game itself dates to around 5000 years ago, during the height of the age of Pharaohs.

This amazing centerpiece is an artists approximation of what the Mehen game belonging to a Pharaoh might have looked like. There are only a few original boards left in the world, all of which are common boards, carved in stone or scratched on the floors of ancient homes. We do however know that the Kings of Egypt enjoyed this game as there are painted depictions of it on tombs. But to date, no true Royal Mehen board has ever been recovered. There is no doubt that such a board would have been a sight to behold! Perhaps trimmed in gold and featuring shimmering ivory and fine woods throughout... The opulence of the Pharaohs was unmatched then and even now. Just imagine this board, resting on an ebony table in the Royal Hall, lit by torch light as the King and his wife drink their favorite honey beer and laugh about the King's foolish move that may cost him the game.

This game board comes as shown, with stunning woodwork throughout. The detail is amazing! Made from woods such as Egyptian Ash, African Padauk and Birch, this board is a stunning centerpiece for your home, office or game room.

The game comes with 12 pawns, two jackal pawns, casting sticks (ancient Egyptian type of dice) and the instructions for game play. The game is very interesting and has both chance and strategy involved. Can you move all of your pieces through to the afterlife before your opponent? and can you halt their movement with your Jackal? Will they do the same to you?! Each one of these is handmade by the artist that designed it with attention to the smallest detail. This game is made when ordered and there are only going to be a limited number of these made. Each board is signed and numbered by the artist. Limited Ed. of 100.

Board measures a massive 18" in diameter. This is the centerpiece to your game room that you have been looking for! This is just the game you have been looking for. Own the game that the Royals of Egypt loved enough to paint on the walls of their Tombs!

Please understand that this is a difficult game to make and each one is made, one at a time, in the order in which they were requested. Delivery times may extend further that 30 days, depending on the schedule.

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